Introducing Streaming Charts

Introducing Streaming Charts

Australia has an amazing rich landscape of creative musicians across our nation. The issue is, for most independent artists, they get very little attention from the mainstream music charts, unless they reach a very high listener base.

We also know from recent research and articles, that streaming services are overtaking all other media and platforms as the primary source for many people to listen to music.

“…enormous growth in streaming, with it having accounted for 40% for Australian music revenue in 2016, representing a 90% increase since the previous year.”
Music Australia.

We believe that by tracking these music streaming services, and then breaking the artists down by Australian state and genre, we’ll help audiences discover and listen to new artists they haven’t previously heard.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of this website – we hope you’ll join us on this journey and encourage your music loving friends to explore as well.

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