About Us

This website was built on the belief that many people are like ourselves, looking for interesting Australian musicians to uncover and listen to. One of the better ways to discover new acts, is understand who is being played by others.

Local charts? AMAZING idea!
– Probably not Vaynerchuk.

This website is just a small taste of what we have planned in the future. Depending on how well received this is, we’ll put in more effort and late nights, fleshing this out further.

The Streaming Charts idea is fantastic, I wish I had thought of it.
– Probably not Zuckerberg.

Our mission is to help listeners find new artists to enjoy, by uncovering their tunes.

The team

Streaming Charts is a tiny two person team. Miles Burke, and Greg Tangey.

Miles once thought he could make it as a musician. That was 30 years ago, and he now knows better. He currently works in digital marketing and loves supporting local artists.

Greg has been writing code since the late 80s. Computers and music have always been a constant fascination and 30 years on, nothing has changed.